Fulfulde Lexicon

Source: Smith, Richard (ed.). 2007. Burkina Faso: Fulfulde-English/English-Fulfulde Dictionary, 2 edn. Burkina Faso: SIM.

Entry: moodibbo

Author Label(s): n
Gold Concept(s):

English: an Islamic teacher or imam

Dialect Note
Jelgoore, Yaagaare, Gurmaare, Moosiire

Semantic Note
class of people

Grammatical Note
Noun class marker singular: o Noun class marker plural: ɓe Form of the word for ‘one’ used with this noun: gooto

Comments Note
note: Umaru sez this is not Arabic 8/7/06

Paradigmatic Variant : moodibaaɓe or moodiɓɓe
Author Token(s): n, plural
Gold Concept(s):

synonym Headword: mobbo

cf Headword: almaami

cf Headword: almaami

synonym_to Headword: mobbo