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Source: Moran, Steven. 2008. A Grammatical Sketch of Western Sisaala. Saarbürcken, Germany: Verlag Dr. Müller (VDM).

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Form Grammatical Info Definition
alonpɛrri N airplane
anbɛlle N, CMPD paternal uncles
anbiie N, CMPD paternal uncle
a PL, PRO, 1 we
amo N, PL, SG tomato; tomatoes
akutuwa N, PL oranges (fruit)
anhinse N, PL father's senior brothers; uncles
atia N, SG cashew
ana N father
anho N, SG father's senior brother; uncle
anawa N fathers
abrobe N pineapple
ahyi ADV no
aba CONJ and
akutu N, SG orange (fruit)
atise N, PL cashews

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