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Jarawara is a dialect of Madi, an Arauan language spoken in Amazonas, Brazil.

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The Jarawaras live in the municipality of Lábrea, in the state of Amazonas, Brazil. Jarawara, Jamamadi, and Banawá are dialects of a single language, which sometimes is called by linguists Madi. The people themselves do not have a name for their common language, and ethnically the three groups are quite distinct. Madi is a language of the small Arawá family, which also includes Madiha (Kulina), Deni, Sorowahá, and Paumari. For the linguist, Mr. Vogel has included all the derivations that use a particular root under the entry for that root. For the Jarawaras, he has sometimes also made derivations a separate entry, when they would occur in a different place in the dictionary because of prefixes (or sometimes because of suffixes). For example, the root ka 'go/come' has many derivations, and these are all included under this root, for the linguist. But the root never occurs by itself, only with at least one derivational prefix or suffix, so for the Jarawaras, all the derivations occur as separate entries. Whenever this is the case, Mr. Vogel has included full information (especially examples) with the entry for the derived form, and the subentry under the root contains only basic information.

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