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Note: Only lexicons possess grammatical or morpho-syntactic information that can be searched; Wordlists do not.


Language Name Lexicon Type

Tuva Lexicon
Huilong Wordlist
Uyo Ibibio Lexicon
Taoping Wordlist
Wabo Wordlist
Weicheng Wordlist
Goukou Wordlist
Mawoma Wordlist
Luoxiang Wordlist
Sáliba Wordlist
Western Sisaala Lexicon
Shoshone Lexicon
Luhua Wordlist
Ibibio Lexicon
Xuecheng Wordlist
Wichita Lexicon
Jarawara Lexicon
Udi Lexicon
Mocoví Lexicon
Weigu Wordlist
Potawatomi Lexicon
Mbodomo Lexicon